Why Is My Dog Losing Hair?

If a dog sheds hair, it is necessary to determine the cause of the dog’s hair loss. The first is physiological hair loss. At this time, it is recommended that the owner use a comb to help the dog comb the fallen hair, take a bath and clean, reasonably supplement nutrition, and exercise properly.

Secondly, consider the situation of a large amount of seasonal hair loss. During this period, you can also feed your dog a little food rich in protein and vitamins to enhance hair resistance, and you can also feed a little lecithin.

Why Is My Dog Losing Hair?

In addition, it is necessary to consider the causes of parasites to cause dog hair loss. The parasites may be fleas, lice, ticks, etc. Severe itching can cause excessive scratching of the pet, leading to skin self-injury and hair damage. If it is severe, it is recommended to promptly See a doctor.

Finally, consider the hair loss caused by skin diseases. Common pathogens of skin diseases are caused by fungi, bacteria, mites, etc. This type of problem can be initially diagnosed by microscopy and Wood’s lamp examination. After the diagnosis is confirmed, symptomatic treatment is required. Will be relatively reduced.

Many pet owners mentioned the dog’s hair loss, which is simply a worry for the pet owners. Especially when it comes to the molting season, the pet owners help the dog to tidy up the dog’s hair almost every day, and some dogs have to lose it a year. Twice, once for six months, they can fall into your doubts in life, so why do dogs love to shed the hair? How should we deal with such situations?

Why Is My Dog Losing Hair?

Why Is My Dog Losing Hair?

Normal hair loss

Seasonal: Generally, our dogs will start molting from March to May and from September to November. This is because dogs respond to the changes of the seasons. From September to November, Dogs will change their previous coarse hairs and turn them into soft fluff to withstand the changing seasons of autumn and winter, but in March to May, when it starts to get hot, they will start to replace the fluff to regulate their body temperature. To adapt to temperature changes, but this is just normal hair loss.

Young dogs and pregnant dogs: juvenile puppies start molting around three to four months. They will lose their lanugo hair and replace them with permanent new hair, but pregnant dogs will also soon after giving birth They start to shed hair because the loss of nutrients in the dog’s body will cause large areas of hair loss on their backs, and these are also relatively normal hair loss.

Why Is My Dog Losing Hair?

Abnormal hair loss

Feeding: The dog food that some pet owners feed or self-made dog food has high salt content, so this kind of hair loss will be very much, therefore, pet owners must give their dogs less food and water Salt and balanced nutrition are also very helpful to the health of dogs.

Infection: If dogs are accidentally infected with some skin diseases such as bacteria, fungi, or mites, they can also cause the dog to lose hair. If it is ectoparasitic dog lice and fleas, it will make the dog’s skin itchy. Emotional restlessness will cause the dogs to shed hair, so we can usually give the dogs regular medicated baths, about once every two weeks, which can also effectively prevent the pet owners from getting skin diseases.

The above is about why my dog ​​will shed hair. According to two different situations, pet owners can analyze by themselves to see which situation your dog belongs to. After knowing these reasons, they can go to corresponding measures.

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