Why is my cat feces so smelly?

Many times we will suddenly find that the shit of our pet cat is very smelly. The following reasons are related to the smell of pet cats:

The smelly poop may be related to the food that it eats. When a cat eats a lot of food that cannot be digested properly, its intestinal flora may be destroyed, and its gastrointestinal peristalsis speed and defecation frequency will be changed as a result, and the cat will defecate. More frequently, the papa that is pulled out is more smelly, larger, thicker, and softer.

Why is my cat feces so smelly?

There is too much waste in the cat’s food, and there is too little part that can be digested and absorbed by the cat. Starches and plant fibers that may disturb the intestinal flora have a series of chemical reactions in the cat’s intestines and stomach, and they are discharged after being discharged. Such a smelly papa.

These indigestible foods can be soybeans, soybeans, peas, various beans, and high-fiber vegetables and fruits. Cats that eat plant fiber will pull out more smelly baba while ingesting animal fiber is healthier, and animal fiber is very important to carnivores.

Of course, in addition to the cat food, some hidden diseases on the cat may also be the cause of the cat’s extremely smelly cat. So we need to take some time to pay attention to them in order to better discover and solve problems.

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