Why does my cat run around at night?

For kittens, energy is synonymous. Cats are particularly energetic when they are young. Once it is night, they will be noisy and often wake up their owners in the middle of the night. So why does my cat run around at night?

Reasons for the kittens running around

So what is the reason for the kitten running around, especially in the middle of the night?

Why does my cat run around at night?

Cats are nocturnal animals
This is the case with nocturnal nature. The peak period of continuous activity at night and after sunset and before dawn is the peak period, and cats are considered to be the latter. In order to be active during this time, cats take a nap during the day to save energy. In the evening and early in the morning, kittens run around full of energy. This is the habit of cats.

A period of great curiosity
When I was a kitten, I was very interested in the world around me. In a world full of unknowns, if you show interest in something, you will cling to it until you get tired of it, and this interest will not dry up. It’s okay to play with things you’re interested in and go to sleep when you’re tired. It’s okay to repeat things like this all day long. You will find cats very boring, but they can also be said to be fun for kittens.

How long will it last?

At night, the cats run around. This is called the cat’s “movement”. How long will the kitten’s movement last? Generally speaking, cats are calmer when they are 1 to 2 years old. Of course, depending on the individual and the type of cat, there are also cats that will exercise for longer periods of time.

Countermeasures for kittens running around at night.

In order to prevent the kitten from running around at night, it is important to play with it as much as possible during the day. Especially before going to bed at night, play with the kitten until you are tired. The maximum concentration of cats is about 10 minutes, and it will be shorter for cats. For about ten minutes, please play as much as you like. For a kitten, if you treat it twice in 10 minutes, you should be very satisfied and feel better. After that, if you drink a lot of water and feel a little tired, you can stop with such a signal. At night, the cat will no longer run around and should sleep soundly.

At the same time, when the kitten starts to exercise in the middle of the night, do not feed it, and leave it alone. Because kittens will mistakenly think that they “can get food by running around in the middle of the night”, “can be protected”, “can get attention” and so on. Although disturbing the owner’s sleep can be painful, if possible, try to ignore it when the cat is exercising.

If you consider the reason for the cat to run around, the instinct is very large. If it was originally a nocturnal animal, it will become energetic at night, which is also impossible to some extent. In addition, kittens in the growth period are energetic, so play more when you wake up. Don’t forget the game before going to bed at night.

Summary: In view of the cat’s habits and instincts, only some auxiliary means can be provided to reduce the appearance of the cat’s running around behavior, and when the cat grows into an adult cat, this will actually decrease and disappear. So do as much as possible and consume the cat’s spirit as much as possible.

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