Why do cats shed hair? How to alleviate it

Many people are raising the process of petting a cat, you will encounter the problem of cat shed hair more or less. So what causes the cat’s severe hair loss, and how should the pet owner alleviate it?

Causes of severe hair loss in pet cats:

1. Seasonal hair loss

Some cats shed hair seasonally, for example, when the season changes or in a particular season, the shed hair is very serious. If it is because of this situation, the pet owner does not need to worry too much. This is a normal phenomenon.

2. Lack of nutrients

Because the cat’s hair also needs nutrition, if the cat’s body lacks vitamins, protein and other nutrients, it will cause serious hair loss.

Why do cats shed hair

3. Skin diseases

The severe hair loss of pet cats may also be caused by skin diseases. At this time, pets mainly observe whether the cat’s skin has clumps, scabs, redness and swelling.

4. The diet is too heavy

Because cats’ sweat glands are underdeveloped, it is difficult for the body to consume some heavy-tasting foods, such as high-salt and greasy foods. If the cat’s long-term diet is heavy, it will cause the cat to shed serious hair.

Why do cats shed hair

5. Entering old age

When the cat enters the old age, the body’s metabolic function will be weakened, so the hair will become rough, dry and serious problems of hair loss.

6. Infection with ectoparasites

Even if cats do not go out often, they can still be infected with parasites. If the pet cat suddenly sheds severe hair, the pet owner should also observe whether the cat is infected with ectoparasites.

Why do cats shed hair

Mitigation methods:

“Reduce the number of baths”

If you bathe your cat frequently, it will easily cause the cat to suffer from skin diseases and damage the cat’s skin environment, and the cat itself loves to be clean, so if you want to alleviate the cat’s severe hair loss, you must reduce the number of baths.

It is recommended to wash about 2~3 once.

Why do cats shed hair

“Regular deworming “

Regardless of whether the cat goes out often, the pet owner must regularly deworm his pet cat. In vitro deworming is recommended to be performed once every 1 to 2 months, and for cats who do not go out often, only once every 2 months.

Why do cats shed hair

“Nutritional supplements”

Most cats have severe hair loss due to lack of nutrients, so it is recommended to supplement cats with sufficient nutrients to alleviate cat hair loss. For example, cats can be fed some high-protein foods, lecithin, fish oil and vitamin tablets.

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