Why do cats go crazy at night?

Under normal circumstances, a cat’s sleep time is 16-20 hours a day, and the time to truly fall asleep is 3 hours. During the day when the owner goes to work, the cat has no one to play with it, and the cat only sleeps at home. When the owner comes back from getting off work, he may not have time to play with the cat, but the energy that the cat has accumulated all day will be released at night, and the cat will run wild at home to release itself.

Why do cats go crazy at night?

Why do cats go crazy at night?

Cats go crazy at night, mainly due to the following reasons: First, cats are nocturnal animals, so cats will be more active at night. Second, there is no one to accompany the cat at home during the day, and when the cat is bored, he sleeps and rests. Therefore, the cat is full of energy after night. The owner can spend more energy playing with the cat after getting off work, and when the cat gets tired, he will go to sleep at night.

Cat character

The cat’s personality varies by breed and feeding management. Generally speaking, domestic cats are more clingy, coquettish, curious, lively and cute, clean, and strong in memory, etc. However, some cats are relatively cold and may not be so close to their owners. To a certain extent, the cat’s personality is also related to the guidance and education of the owner.

What to do if the cat yells at night

The cat yells at night, probably because the cat sleeps too long during the day and wants to play at night. At night, the owner slept again, and no one was playing with it, so it screamed to attract the owner’s attention. In this case, you can buy cat toys for it and let it play alone at night.

Why does my cat run around at night?

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