What Kind of Pet is Best for Me

Tibetan Mastiff-Pet dog

With the improvement of living standards, many friends now like pets. But our personalities are different, what kind of pets are we suitable for? Not every kind of pet is suitable for you. Here to introduce the pets of your own character.

One, fortitude
People with fortitude are mostly sharp-edged and like to make decisions alone. Their strengths are firm-willed, decisive behavior, brave and tenacious, daring to take risks, and good at fighting tenaciously in adversity. The greater the resistance, the more personal strength and wisdom can be brought into full play.

The resolute type is very suitable for the Tibetan mastiff, who is also known for its resolute character. The Tibetan Mastiff has a courageous and persevering character, strong and ferocious, and surviving wildness, making people daunting. Protect the territory, protect the food, be good at attack, have a strong hostility to strangers, but be extremely affectionate to the owner. He is the right-hand man for guarding the house and herding horses and sheep. It is as strong as an ox, both rigid and flexible, and can understand the meaning of the owner.

Tibetan Mastiff-Pet dog

Two, docile
People with docile personality are submissive, follow the trend, and lack independent opinions. Can’t be decisive, and often miss opportunities because of indecision. However, people with this personality have the advantages of being gentle and gentle, kind, kind, amiable, unpretentious, and peaceful and stable. They can take care of all aspects, treat others with kindness, loyalty and forgiveness, and have the virtue of tolerance.

The docile person is very suitable for keeping a Saint Bernard dog. The St. Bernard dog is kind, friendly, and likes to be with children. It is loyal to the owner, easy to train, and good at life saving. In Denmark, whenever a blizzard came, they showed their talents and rescued countless people in distress in the vast snowfields. In the 3rd century, the Saint Bernard dog once engaged in arduous mountain disaster rescue, saving the lives of 2500 people. Although the transportation road has been modernized and this kind of rescue skill is no longer needed, the dog is still well received as a smart and docile family dog.

Saint Bernard Dog

Three, stubborn
People with stubborn personality are good at independent and responsible work. They are good at thinking rationally, working steadfastly, and have sustained interest and concentration. They are more cautious, do not dare to take risks when they should take risks, are too stubborn, cling to what they think are correct, refuse to bow their heads to each other, and are not good at flexibility. But looking at it from another angle, this kind of person has the advantages of firm stance, outspokenness, stubbornness and perseverance. They act well, walk righteously, and are orthodox people; they are pragmatic, steady, interested and focused; they are patient, taciturn, and not easily exposed; they have strong self-restraint ability.

Stubborn people are best suited to raise huskies. Among the medium and large breeds, the Husky is a particularly active, stubborn, and independent temperament. Perhaps this is because its pedigree comes from the Siberian wolf, which is the closest gene to the wolf in the current breed.

Husky-Pet dog

Four, strategy type
A person with a strategic personality is witty and secretive, with careful thinking. The city in his heart is as deep as a hill, he is good at contingency, reacts quickly, can self-discipline, is not afraid of danger, and is not chaotic in the face of danger. The disadvantage is that it is so witty and changeable, it is not easy to control. Moreover, such people tend to be humble on the surface, in fact they will not suffer dumb losses, they are scheming and can calculate. They are ambitious.

Strategies are most suitable for raising border collies. The Border Collie, also known as the Border Collie, is a very smart dog breed, mainly distributed in four countries, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. American scientists have passed a large number of tests and research, and the Border Collie’s obedience IQ exceeds that of the German Shepherd. And poodles, ranked first among more than one hundred dog breeds.

Border collie

Five, cheerful type
People with a cheerful personality have a wide range of friendships, are enthusiastic towards others, have a lively and active nature, are generous in their shots, and are sleek in the world. They can win the favor and trust of friends from all walks of life. They are good at figuring out people’s minds and doing what they like, responsive, good at interacting with people, being popular, handling interpersonal relationships handily, and not easy to offend others.

Cheerful people are most suitable for raising lively and cute poodles. Poodles are smart, lively, good-tempered, very approachable, and are a loyal breed of dog. And it is very agile, smart and elegant, and it is popular in obedience occasions and circuses. Bringing it in social situations will definitely make you do more with less.

Bindog-pet dog

Six, brave
Bravery is an indispensable character for police, entrepreneurs, leaders, firefighters, soldiers, security guards, prosecutors, lifeguards, divers, etc. People with this personality dare to act, are adventurous, motivated, courageous and decisive, and have the courage to face danger. People who sincerely admire themselves can obey and be loyal. Strong adaptability, able to cope freely in the new environment, quick and flexible response.

Brave people are best suited to raise exotic shorthair cats. Exotic shorthair cats are quiet, cute, gentle, sweet, peaceful, informal and loyal. On the other hand, they are as lively and playful as other breeds. It is as quiet as a Persian cat, close to people, and as naughty and clever as an American shorthair cat. And a brave master can achieve an alternative complementarity.

Exotic shorthair cat

Seven, cautious
A person with a prudent personality is meticulous in thinking, meticulous and thorough in his work. If you are a person with a cautious personality, you will definitely be blamed: you are too suspicious and worrisome; you lack determination and dare not take responsibility; you are cautious, and you miss opportunities again and again; you lack Courage, dare not to innovate… Yes, people with a cautious personality do have the above-mentioned shortcomings, but don’t forget that people with a cautious personality are the most refined and rational people in the world. They are meticulous and careful in doing things; they are humble and meticulous in thinking; they pay attention to structure and order; they consider issues comprehensively and in-depth.

The prudent type is best for fish farming. The aquatic world is colorful, but it is also the most careful and patient. In the process of fish farming, the strengths of cautious people will be fully utilized, and the romantic and colorful aquarium will be the most energetic and attractive part of their home.

fish culture
  1. Impatient type
    This kind of person is outgoing and outgoing, and ambitious. Outstanding, full of pioneering spirit, not easy to fail, strong desire to succeed, and always hope to be in the forefront of successful people. They are energetic, quick-responsive, optimistic and generous, but they are impatient and lack patience, and their enthusiasm fluctuates. Easily agitated and irritable, nerve activity has high excitability, and mood changes drastically. They can work with great enthusiasm and can take the initiative to overcome the difficulties in the work; but if they lose confidence in the work, their emotions will immediately sink.

The impatient type is best for tortoises. The tortoise’s gentleness and patience are worth learning from them.


Nine, wild type
Such people behave wildly, rebelliously, and arrogantly; they are bold, bold, informal, not flattering, and often act on their own instincts, act impulsively, and follow their feelings. As a result, I am uncomfortable with many things, and it is difficult to achieve outstanding achievements in actual work. They generally have personality traits such as strong imagination, impulsiveness, emotionality, idealization, creativity, and lack of practicality. Suitable for work in fields that require the use of emotion and imagination, but are not good at transactional occupations.

The wild type is best for raising bull terriers because the two have similar personalities. Bull Terriers are impatient and aggressive, and they never give in to dogs and even hurt other dogs. However, the Bull Terrier is relatively docile, smart and obedient, loyal to the owner and obedient, especially kind to children, kind and patient, and if properly taken care of, it can become a loyal family guard dog.

Bull Terrier

Ten, quiet type
This kind of person has a quiet, steady heart, can hold his breath, and work silently. The work style is meticulous, conscientious, diligent, and persevering, so he can often become an expert and expert in a certain field. They have delicate emotions, work cautiously, and are good at detecting tiny details that others can’t observe. They like to explore and analyze their inner world. Generally speaking, they are slightly withdrawn and tend to be over-focused on their inner experience. In the eyes of others, he may appear indifferent and reluctant to socialize. The disadvantage is that they are not quick enough to act, think twice before acting, and it is easy to miss opportunities that pass by in life. Interests are not broad enough, except for the things I am interested in, I don’t care much about things around me.

Quiet people are suitable for raising Shetland Sheepdogs who are very enthusiastic about their owners. Because the personality of Shetland differs mainly from breeder to breeder, they are loyal and enthusiastic to their owners because they are naturally willing to be with their owners. They are quite emotional. The Shetland Sheepdog is enthusiastic, friendly, intellectual and understanding, smart, high IQ, lively, loyal to the owner, but wary of strangers and high alertness. It is an excellent family gatekeeper and easy to train. It is an ideal working dog, display dog ​​, or family dog.

Shetland Sheepdog
  1. Upright
    This kind of person is open-minded, simple and honest, without scheming, and has the advantages of simplicity and selflessness. The emotional response is relatively strong and rich, and the behavior style has a strong emotional color. They are adventurous and responsive. They are often regarded as people who like to live on the edge of danger and look for excitement. The disadvantage is that he is too sincere, he is careless in his life, he can’t hide things in his heart, he doesn’t hide things from his mouth, what to say, shows the mountains and dews, and the city is not deep.

Upright people are best suited to raise Norwegian forest cats. The Norwegian Forest Cat is introverted, independent, intelligent, agile, alert, cautious, adventurous and active, good at catching, climbing trees, and rock climbing. It is known as a “capable hunter”. Therefore, it is not suitable to be kept indoors for a long time, and it is best to keep in a home with a courtyard and a relatively spacious environment.

Norwegian Forest Cat


  1. Arguable
    People with eloquent personalities have strong social skills. Such people are diligent in independent thinking, have a wide range of knowledge, quick brains, and many ideas. They are good at making suggestions. They are unwilling to follow the path of their predecessors, so they have many unconventional opinions; they can speak well and speak well. They are eloquent, provocative, and provocative. They are often quoted when talking or giving speeches, and they are often eye-opening to ordinary people; they have personality traits such as friendly, social, talkative, and insightful. Have strong social communication skills and appeal. The shortcomings are that they are not knowledgeable and specific. Sometimes it is inevitable to boast and boast, and they often give people a sense of cloudiness and fog, which makes people incomprehensible.

The eloquent type is best suited to raise ancient English sheepdogs. Gu Mu’s simple and honest appearance will conceal the owner’s shortcomings, and enhance the goodwill of others towards you. In addition, Gu Mu’s personality is gentle and smart, bold and alert, easy-going and friendly. He doesn’t like running around when he grows up. He is loyal and friendly to people. He has excellent qualifications to lead herds. It is easy to train and has high obedience. It is suitable and popular among children. favorite.


The above is to introduce to you which personalities are suitable for pets. Is your character suitable for pets?

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