What is the best dog toy?

What is the best dog toy?

In fact, there is no such thing as the best dog toy. Only the dog toy that fits your own dog is the best.

There are three precautions in the selection of dog toys:

  1. Dog toys should not be too much smaller than the dog’s mouth;
  2. Dog toys cannot have too many small parts;
  3. Dog toys can’t carry fur.

Nowadays, most pet owners are overwhelmed by busy work every day, and the companionship of dogs is becoming more and more scarce. Therefore, dog toys, especially alone toys, have an irreplaceable position in the dog’s life. Solitary dog ​​toys can be used. Instead of us giving the dog the warmest company, the following are some classifications of alone toys:

.Dog toys: tumbler, molar cake, snack ring
Alone toy


  1. [Inspiring nature]

This type of solitary toy can be trained to hunt and forage, keep the dog’s brain active at all times, and at the same time consume the dog’s energy, avoid the situation of furniture being bitten. For example, this snack ring is made of high-strength nylon material, which is hard and bite resistant, and can withstand the bite of large dogs. At the same time, snacks are placed in the ring. Experience the feeling of hunting while biting.

  1. [Emotional Relief]

When you move between home and company every day, when you go out to play and party late at night on weekends and holidays, do you remember the state of a dog alone at home? It’s just casual fun, wandering, and biting. furniture? Or do you look at the door and the window eagerly, waiting for you to come back? Waiting for more than 10 hours a day, they are like “left-behind children” in addition to waiting or waiting. Many dogs are therefore anxious and depressed. The solitude toy can not only stimulate the dog’s nature but also attract the dog’s attention and relieve the dog’s feeling of loneliness.

What is the best dog toy?
  1. [Release the pressure type]

Not only people, but dogs can also produce various kinds of pressure, and the biggest pressure is the daily separation from the owner and long time alone at home. In severe cases, it may even cause anorexia, barking, and biting furniture. Therefore, the choice of toys not only needs to relieve the dog’s loneliness but also release the pressure accumulated by the dog. For example, the following Xingji alone toy-tires, using special software materials, strong flexibility, dogs in It protects the dog’s mouth while chewing, and the molar cake is embedded in it, which satisfies the dog’s desire to chew.

  1. [Adapt to the environment]

When the dog enters a new environment, it will have a sense of resistance and discomfort, usually manifested as barking, jumping, and other behaviors, especially when the owner takes the dog out to ride in the car. At this time, some toys can be used to attract the dog. Attention, relieves the dog’s resistance, so as to better train the dog. For example, in Xingji’s football, when the dog bites, it will make a crisp sound, which attracts the dog’s attention and makes the dog. Dogs can travel easily!

What is the best dog toy?
  1. [Meet the demand type]

For dogs, the most basic physiological need is to grind their teeth. Many parents’ clothes have become tools for grind their teeth, and some pet owners are even angry with the dogs for this. In fact, this is because the dogs are in During the period of changing teeth, the dog’s gums will have a strong sense of discomfort, which can only be relieved by grinding teeth. Therefore, a solitary toy of molar type is indispensable. This molar ball of Xingji’s family makes the dog in Clean the teeth while relieving the discomfort of the gums.

What is the best dog toy?
  1. [Weight control type]

Can I put snacks in the dog toy? This is actually the food-leakage toy in the alone toy. Take Xingji as an example, there are tumblers, maze balls, bump balls, and so on. Leaky food toys can put dog’s favorite snacks in the snacks, set a certain degree of difficulty, let the dog eat food in the process of chasing, slow down the dog’s eating speed, extend the dog’s eating time, and control it The weight of the dog gives the dog a healthy body.

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