What is an American shorthair cat?

What is an American shorthair cat? The American shorthair cat is a cat native to the United States. Its ancestor is a cat species brought to North America by early European immigrants and is similar to the British shorthair and European shorthair cats. The body of the American Shorthair is well-proportioned, powerful, and lively, and docile. The juvenile shorthair cats have round heads and round brains, soft hands, and flexible limbs that are very flattering [1].

Chinese scientific nameAmerican ShorthairLatin nameAmerican ShorthairnicknameBrown standard tabby catboundaryanimal worldDoorChordataYamenVertebrate subphylumClassMammalSubclassTrue beastsItemCarnivora SubheadSchizopodiadivisionCat familySubfamilyCat subfamilyBelong toCatskindCatsubspeciesAmerican Shorthairdistribution areaworldwideplace of originU.Slifespan15-20 years

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  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 development path
  3. 3 Morphological characteristics
  1. 4 Character traits
  2. 5 distribution range
  3. 6 Life habits
  1. 7 Feeding method
  2. 8 Health care


The earliest domestic cats in the United States are said to be cats that came to the New World with immigrants in the 17th century. In the following centuries, sturdy and efficient cats spread throughout the United States. Most of them are skilled rat traps rather than domestic pets. . But by the beginning of the 20th century, a modified breed of courtyard ratcatcher began to appear, known as the shorthair domestic cat. People’s careful breeding has further improved the domestic cat breed. By the 1960s, the breed was renamed the American Shorthair, and gradually attracted people’s attention in the purebred cat exhibition. American shorthair cats are healthy and stoic, making them the perfect pet for almost any type of family [2].Atlas of American Shorthair Cats (34 photos)American shorthair cats are known for their burly physique, strong bones, well-developed muscles, intelligent nature, and docile personality. They are medium and large breeds of shorthair cats. The coat is thick and dense, with as many as 30 coat colors, among which the silver striped varieties are the most precious [3].

American shorthair

development path

There are two theories about the origin of the American shorthair cat: some people believe that the cat is a native of the American continent and was bred for a long time; some people believe that it was brought to the United States from Europe in the 17th century and bred after improvement. [4]  .Remember the Mayflower passenger ship and Thanksgiving Day. At the end of the 18th century, 105 Puritans from England came to the continental United States and brought some European cats. They crossbred the shorthair cats they brought with native American cats, and after careful breeding and improvement, they obtained a strong and beautiful American shorthair cat. This cat is loved by local Americans and has received high honors at the cat show. [5] .

Morphological characteristics

This cat has a strong body, ranging from medium to large, with a rectangular head, a stout neck, and around the chest. Straight back, well-developed limbs, good at jumping. Its coat is soft, thick, but short; its skin can protect against cold, rain, and trauma as if it were a short, thick, dense coat. There are more than 30 kinds of coat colors, such as white, black, and markings. One of the most popular, especially Oriental, is a silver-white tiger cat with bright black stripes embedded in the silver-white body hair [6]  . Head: American Shorthair has a round and large head, plump cheeks, and roughly round ears. The eyes are large and round, piercing and piercing. Various colors according to different fur [7].Body shape: medium length, strong shoulders, around the chest, straight back, thick tail base [7].Fur: ​​short, hard, and dense [7].Coat color: more than 30 kinds, divided into 5 categories: single color, gradient color, mixed coat color, smoky color, marking color. The silver stripes are the most representative and precious [7] . American shorthair cats are native to the United States and are a large breed of shorthair cats. Intelligent and docile by nature, he is known for his burly, strong bones, and muscular [7].

American shorthair cats

American shorthair Cats Character traits

American shorthair cats are hard-working, strong and brave, and have a gentle personalities. They are very patient, obedient, and cute, never lose their temper, and don’t like to scream, so they are very suitable for families with children. Its own resistance is strong. Similarly, the American shorthair cat is also a very intelligent cat and is often very cooperative with the training of the owner. An American shorthair cat at home likes to enjoy the caress of his owner. I also cherish my toys very much and invent a variety of different ways of playing to make my life full of fun [8].

distribution range

Native to the United States [5].

Life habits

American shorthair cats are known for their burly physique, strong bones, well-developed muscles, and intelligent and docile nature. They are medium and large shorthair cats. Its head is large and round, its cheeks are plump and round, its nose is straight, its ears are roughly round, its ears are wide, its eyes are large and round, and its eyes are wide. The body hair is thick and dense, with more than 30 coat colors, among which the silver striped varieties are the most precious. This kind of cat is more home-loving, very attached to the owner, likes to play with children, is good at catching mice, and is very adaptable [9]  . American shorthair cats have many likable characteristics. It is a strong and flexible, easy-going personality, loyal to the owner; it has the motor nerve and wisdom to rejuvenate, sometimes very naughty and sometimes very regular. It has strong adaptability, can live in any family, can flexibly cater to the owner’s wishes, and adjust its own habits to adapt to the owner’s habits. The skill of catching mice is top-notch and is a rare master of catching mice [6].Mode of reproduction: viviparous. Belongs to mammals [6].American Shorthair Cat Album (5 photos)

American shorthair cats

Feeding method

When a small American shorthair cat walked into the family and looked at its petite body, he couldn’t help but make up his mind. From then on, he would spend a few hours every day preparing delicious food for it. However, although this kind of food is rich in love, it does not have balanced nutrition for the development of small beauty. In fact, it is not complicated to make it grow healthily, in terms of food. As long as it eats cat food for kittens, it can supplement all the nutrients it needs. This saves time and effort, so why not [10]. American Shorthair

Health care

For an American shorthair cat with a beautiful coat, it is hard to believe. Its care is very simple, as long as you set aside a little time every day, hold it in your arms, and gently touch it with warm hands, it is the best care for it. Because this can help it to transfer the grease needed by the coat and make its coat shinier [10]. Cat myocardial hypertrophyCats living at home shed their hair almost all year round, and American shorthair cats are no exception. Therefore, giving them regular hairball ointment can help them clean up the hairballs accumulated in the stomach and also help them take care of their intestines and stomach [10].

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