What is a ragdoll cat?

What is a ragdoll cat?

Ragdoll cats are also called Bradall cats, ragdoll cats, doll cats, and their Latin scientific name is Ragdoll. Although the size and weight of ragdoll cats are the largest in the entire cat category, they are really gentle and big. They are very friendly to humans and can tolerate children’s slaps. Therefore, ragdoll cats are favored by many families.


The Ragdoll cat’s origin is the United States. It was bred in the 1960s by a woman named Ann Baker who lives in California. It was recognized in the United States in 1965 and then gradually entered other countries. Ragdoll cats entered China relatively late, only 10 years ago, but Ragdoll cats have become popular in China in a very short time, which is inseparable from their outstanding appearance and excellent personality.

If you like clingy cats, then the Ragdoll cat is definitely a good choice. They like to stay with their owner. If you are busy, they won’t bother you, because the Ragdoll cat’s voice is very soft, and in most cases, they will remain quiet. At the same time, in addition to being friendly to the owner, the Ragdoll cats are very friendly to strangers, children, and other animals. Therefore, the owner does not have to worry about whether the puppet cat will harm guests or other animals at home.

Ragdoll cat

In addition, Ragdoll cats are extremely adaptable to cities. They can endure the scorching summer and survive the cold winter. Because the Ragdoll cats have no body odor or drooling, they will not cause much trouble to the owner’s daily life. And Ragdoll cats are also highly trainable. As long as the owner can properly guide them, they will respond accordingly following the instructions.

However, the Ragdoll cat has longer hair, so the owner needs to comb the cat’s hair frequently. This can not only alleviate the cat’s hair flying in the house but also make the cat’s hair healthier!

How much does a ragdoll cat cost?

The price of a ragdoll cat is about 3000-4000 US dollars.

The ragdoll cat also called the Braddon cat, is the larger and larger cat among the cats.

When we buy ragdoll cats, we always hear the terms purebred ragdoll cats and stringed cats. Generally speaking, purebred ragdoll cats are much higher in value than ordinary stringed cats because of their upright pedigree. For Ragdoll cats, the price of a common puppet cat is around 1,000 to 1,500. If it is a pure puppet cat, the price is about 3,000-4,000 US dollars. If it is an excellent puppet cat, the price will be higher, 10,000 Even higher dollars are possible.

What is a ragdoll cat

Extended information

How to distinguish whether a ragdoll cat is pure or not:

1. Observing the shape of the puppet is a good method. First, observe the “head” of the puppet: the shape of the puppet’s head is an equilateral triangle, the ears are flat, and the whole cheeks are wedge-shaped. The head shape of the puppet is generally not too small, because the puppet is very big. If a puppet has a large body but a small head, it may not be a very pure puppet cat.

2. Then observe the eyes of the puppet. The eyes of the ragdoll cat are very large, very bright, and oval. The distance between the eyes is relatively wide and slightly raised. And the pure puppet cat has blue eyes. Eyes of other colors or eyes that are not clear enough are not regarded as pure puppets.

What is a ragdoll cat

3. Next comes the ears: The ears of the purebred ragdoll cat are medium in size, slightly open, the bottom is relatively open, the ears are wide apart, and the ear tips are round and forward. Nose: The nose of a purebred puppet cat is medium in length, and it matches the whole face very well. It doesn’t look too long or too short. Chin: The entire chin should be well developed, and it feels strong and strong when touched.

what does ragdoll eat?

Ragdoll cats are long-haired cats, so you can eat some cat food that contains beautiful ingredients. This cat food contains more fish oil or lecithin, which can keep the puppet cat’s hair shiny. Little puppet cats can eat some milk cake food, which is rich in nutrition and can meet the growing needs of little puppet cats. Old ragdoll cats can eat some cat food for old cats, and adult ragdoll cats can eat some cat food suitable for indoor cats.

Ragdolls are bigger and heavier cats. Its head is V-shaped, its eyes are large and round, its coat is thick, its limbs are thick, its tail is long, its body is soft, and it is mostly a tri-color or bi-color cat[1]. It is like a soft puppet, very friendly to people. It has a bold personality, does not know what fear is, and has a strong tolerance for pain. It is often mistaken as painless or itchy, so it can tolerate children’s play and is an ideal family pet[1].

What is a ragdoll cat content

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 History development
  3. 3 Origin
  1. 4 Morphological characteristics
  2. 5 Temperament characteristics
  3. 6 Character traits
  1. 7 Life habits
  2. 8 Dietary taboos
  3. 9 Suitable population

Ragdoll Cat Introduction

The puppet cat, also known as the labrador cat, is the larger and larger cat. Ragdolls started breeding in 1960 and were recognized in the United States in 1965. The puppet cat has a V-shaped head, large and round eyes, a thick coat, thick limbs, and a soft body. Most of the cats are three-color or two-color cats. The puppet cat’s body is very loose, like a soft puppet. It has a docile and calm personality, is very friendly to people, and has a strong tolerance for pain. It is often mistaken for lack of pain. It is very tolerant of children’s play, so it is called a puppet cat and is an ideal domestic pet [2]. The puppet cat is a very intelligent breed. It has a gentle, peaceful, sociable temperament, and is friendly with other cats or dogs. It has soft barking, rich affection, and loves to be accompanied. It is very friendly to people, and its body is particularly relaxed. Soft, strong tolerant, very tolerant of people’s toys [3]. The puppet cat likes to please the owner and always turns around the owner inseparably. This cat is very quiet, but also loves to play with toys, and likes to participate in daily life at home. Ragdoll cats are very gentle and lack the instinct to protect themselves, so they must be kept in deep boudoirs as pets and are not allowed to go out. [3] .

What is a ragdoll cat

Ragdoll Cat History development

Although ragdoll cats are a new breed, their historical origins are still very unclear. In the 1960s, California breeder Ann Baker bred the earliest ragdoll cats. Their father was a male Berman named Warbucks, and their mother was a white non-purebred longhair cat named Josephine. She said that the puppet cat would be “soft” when picked up. Subsequently, Ann Baker established a breed association, but the ragdoll cats at that time had not yet been recognized by other associations. Since then, many people have cultivated ragdoll cats, which created puppet cat breeds that are now recognized by major mainstream associations. The success of ragdoll cats should be attributed to people’s need for quiet indoor cats. Nowadays, some similar varieties are being cultivated one after another, and all have a warm name [4].


Its ancestors were born in California, the USA in the 1960s. Just like its name “Muppet”, it has a mild personality and has a thick body surface. It belongs to the larger cat species, and some adult male cats are even nearly 10 kilograms [5] .

What is a ragdoll cat?

Morphological characteristics

The body hair of the puppet cat is medium-length, not tangled together, and the texture is as smooth as rabbit hair. Its tail is fluffy, its neck usually wears a “bib”, and its buttocks have longer body hair. Regular grooming will make the puppet cat feel very comfortable. The puppet cat is one of the most beautiful purebred cats, with unique single-color or double-color dots of fur. [6] .The puppet cat is large in size, long in body, muscular, wide chest, thick and short neck, and has a long development period. It takes about three years for kittens to fully mature. It is characterized by a large and wedge-shaped head, a flat top, dark blue eyes, a rounded kiss, a slight depression on the short nose, “V”-shaped markings on some faces, and a long hairy neck coat. Long cats [6]. Ragdoll cat (7 photos)The puppet cat’s glove-colored front sole seems to be wearing gloves. The two gloves are white, similar in size, and do not exceed the angle formed by the legs and soles. The white boots on the hind legs extend up to the back ankle joints, and the entire body is white from the chin to the tail. The puppet cat has three color patterns: two-color, glove, and accent color. These patterns are divided into 6 colors: seal, blue, chocolate, lavender, red, and cream. All colors can be added lynx pattern on the face [6].

What is a ragdoll cat

Temperament characteristics

Larger ragdoll cats have long and beautiful coats, and big and beautiful blue eyes are always watery, like clear lake water. Its whole body is particularly loose and soft, like a soft puppet, and its strong tolerance is often mistaken for lack of pain. Because of its docile and tranquil character, it is very friendly to people, and the gentle and sweet cry always makes people want to embrace it [7].

Character traits

Ragdoll cats are relatively lazy, peaceful, and friendly, and will not resist being hugged [8].

Ragdoll Cat Life habits

Ragdoll cats often show superb endurance to please their owners and have a strong tolerance for pain. It is especially worth mentioning that they are very tolerant of children’s toys, so they are named Ragdoll cats. It is precise because they have a strong “ninja” spirit that they can adapt to the breeding of various families. Even if the children in the family step on their tails by mistake, they will not be angry, but will grit their teeth and express pity. Even if adults don’t notice them in a short period of time, they will not cause harm to the baby at home. But the masters should not mistake them for their lack of pain, they are just sensible and willing to be patient for their masters [9]. Ragdoll Cat Atlas (2 photos)Ragdoll cats are very human. Compared with climbing up and down and jumping up and down every day, they are more willing to deal with people, and especially like to accompany their masters to relax. In terms of cleaning, the puppet cat also does not work as much as possible for its owner. It can understand the owner’s rhythm of life, and if it can do it, it will do it by itself. Therefore, most ragdoll cats do not need people to deliberately clean them. They are elegant, rarely shed hair because of naughty or slapstick, and always keep their hair clean. [9] .

Dietary taboos

Irritating food. Such as pepper, mustard, spicy oil, spices, etc., these foods can make cats slow to smell [10].High-fat foods. High-fat foods, sweet foods. Such as cakes, fried chicken, French fries, etc., are likely to cause cat obesity or diseases, such as fatty liver, pericardial oil, etc. [10]. Food is too cold and too hot. Because the cat’s tongue is afraid of heat, the body will reject food that is too cold and too hot. [10] .Animal offal foods. The internal organs of animals contain vitamin A, which is beneficial to the cat’s body, but if this substance is absorbed too much, it will damage the cat’s joints, liver, and other functions [10].

Suitable population

The ragdoll cat is very large, but this cat has a quieter personality and is very suitable for apartment life. However, although this kind of cat is quiet, it likes to be accompanied. If you don’t have much time to accompany it, then you’d better keep two and give it a companion friend. 

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