What is a british shorthair cat

The British shorthair cat has a long history. It was originally a functional pet cat with a round mouse catch. It was very stubby and had a round face. The whole silhouette was very rounded, but it was not until the favor of 20 clever and intelligent people.

british shorthair cat

British shorthair cats are chubby in shape and range in appearance from medium to large. Its cool and fat neck is matched with wide and short shoulders and arms. The shadow is round and broad, stubby and sturdy, the coat is short and dense, the head is big and the face is round, and the coat is differently round and shows various colors. The biggest feature is that the big-eared cat is gentle and very close. According to the ear cats, they are gentle and calm, friendly to people, and easy to develop.

The ancestors of the British shorthair cats can be said to be “excellent”. As early as 2000 years ago, during the ancient Roman Empire, they were once in the battle of Emperor Caesar. In the war, they used super-strong mouse catching and protection. Suddenly they saw that these cats were quick in people’s hearts. At that time, they were caught in the sight of the British and leaned on the strong. Yes, he grew up to become a British rat. It will be caught by male rat masters, and its handsome appearance is also loved by more people.

british shorthair cat

By the 19th century, British breeding experts, the cutest cat among us cats, started your animation work and was finally adorable by British Shorthair. In 1871, the British shorthair cat participated in the Crystal Palace Fair in London and began to disappear.

In 1901, the British Cat Club was established. At that time, British shorthair cats were still large and strong blue cats, much like French Carthusian cats, because their offspring were born like they did not even distinguish each other. FIFE (Britain’s Largest Cat Lovers Association) decided to combine these two animals into one. Later, more British short cats have been recognized by cat clubs everywhere. They have absorbed thousands of households and become household companions in people’s lives.

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