What dog toy is good for dogs?

What dog toy is good for dogs?

How important are toys to puppies? The new owner may not understand. However, as the feeding experience continues to grow, owners will gradually realize the importance of toys for puppies. If you develop a puppy’s interest in toys and teach the puppy the correct way to play with toys, it will not only avoid a lot of troubles but also make the puppy healthier!

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1. Improve tacit understanding

Playing with toys for a long time will make the puppy and the owner better understand each other’s habits, and also better understand the meaning of each other’s actions and language.

2. Reduce destructive power

Use toys to dissipate the energy of the puppy, so that it no longer bites on the furniture and the owner’s shoes. But this requires you to inspire the puppy’s enthusiasm for toys.

3. Increase the amount of exercise

Playing with toys indoors with a puppy can also play a role in exercise. This is especially meaningful for puppies who have not yet completed all the epidemic prevention and are not safe to go out, and for small dogs that do not require high levels of exercise.

Increase the amount of exercise
  1. Be smarter

Puppies who often play with toys will be more curious about the outside world. Such puppies are more intelligent. From childhood to old age, it can also prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. From childhood to old age

Playing with toys for puppies is very important for their physical and mental growth. The puppies are very curious, and they need help from the owner to understand the environment and learn skills. Toys are the best props to help the puppy learn.

From the time the puppy first arrives home, you can teach it to play with toys. Puppies are different from people. Even when they reach old age, they still need toys to accompany them. A toy can be said to be a companion that accompanies it for life. When a puppy falls in love with toys, your pet life will become easier and easier.

  1. Playing with toys is also particular

If you think that to play with a puppy is to throw the toy to it and you don’t have to worry about it, then you are quite wrong. Without restrictions, the process of playing with toys may not only cause danger, but also behavioral problems.

dog toys
  1. Training food should be included in the ration

If the puppy’s interest in toys is not high, initially food can be used to arouse its interest. It should be noted that it is best to use the puppy food that the puppy eats for training puppies, and the amount of food used for training is included in the puppy’s diet.

One of the leading puppies’ food is for small dogs. The main ingredients are chicken and beef bones. The meat content is very high. You can see the meat on almost every dog ​​food that is poured out, which is fully in line with the preferences of dogs, such as carnivores.

If your puppy is an adult, you can switch to snacks such as jerky for training. Don’t forget to choose snacks with guaranteed quality! Such as beef liver snacks, protein, lecithin, and other nutrients can meet the needs, and by the way, it can also grind teeth. A small piece is more convenient for training use.

  1. Choose the right dog toys

There are many kinds of puppy toys, the most common ones are ball toys, knot toys, and plush toys. If you choose plush toys for your puppies, it is best not to choose those that can make sounds, because this will arouse the puppies’ nature to kill prey and dig out their internal organs after hunting. They are more likely to produce shredded toys and take them out. The desire for stuffing.

There is a labyrinth-type damping column device in the leaking ball, which allows the snacks to roll out and be eaten by the dog after multiple obstacles, which greatly extends the difficulty and time. Moreover, the movable baffle can be adjusted so that the toy can adapt to more sizes of snacks and food. Dogs playing with this toy for a long time can enhance their brain development and make them smarter.

Choose the right dog toys
  1. Control playtime

For puppies, too much exercise and insufficient exercise are equally harmful. If the puppy is tired and doesn’t want to play anymore, the owner should not force it to continue playing but should put away the toys and wait for the puppy to rest before playing.

If the dog itself is not very good at controlling, the owner should use good tools to help the puppies develop good habits. This set of dog training equipment comes with clickers, frisbees, dog whistles, etc., which basically includes the equipment used in dog training. It can help you train puppies better, and it will be more worry-free to raise them in the future.

  1. Toys that are too small are dangerous

When choosing a toy, the owner should help the puppy check the quality of the toy. If there are decorative objects such as beads and buckles on the toy, it must be pulled to see if it is strong. In addition, pay attention to the size of the toy. Larger puppies may swallow small toys in their mouths, posing a danger. The size of a safe toy should be at least twice the size of the puppy’s open mouth.

  1. Start playing from an early age

The puppies are curious about the outside world. At this time, it is the best time to let them come into contact with toys. If at the puppy age, the owner fails to make the puppy interested in toys, it will be difficult to cultivate it after it reaches adulthood.

small dog toys
  1. Not everything can be used as a toy

It’s best to give your puppy special toys instead of using items you can find at home as toys. Some owners use old socks, discarded leashes, or towels as toys for their puppies. The result of this is that the owner may have to find their own gloves, socks, or leashes in the kennel every day.

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