These cat toys are cheap and practical. The point is that cats love to play

Many shit shovel officers should have this experience, carefully selecting and buying various cat toys for their cats at high prices. Their cats don’t even look at them, so they can only throw them outside. In order to please their kittens, many poop collectors are still keen to buy various fashionable pet toys for their kittens, hoping that their kittens will one day be lucky enough to get these small toys.

In fact, if you want to make kittens happy, you don’t need any particularly fashionable internet celebrity toys, because those are often good gimmicks, but the real user (cat) experience is not good. Instead of spending a high price on a bunch of toys that cats don’t like to play with, it is better to choose these high-quality and inexpensive toys for cats. They are not expensive, and cats still like to play.

The first type: bouncy ball

Cats have an almost paranoid fondness for round and bouncy balls, such as bouncy balls or ping-pong balls, which often makes cats fall in love with them. This kind of little thing is relatively cheap and can be bought everywhere, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to lose, and it is easy to disappear in every corner of the house when playing.

cat toy for elastic ball

In addition, because the sound of ping pong ball falling on the floor will be louder and easily disturbing the people, it is best to choose a bouncy ball or sisal with a smaller sound for the cat to play. In addition, we must pay attention to the harmony of the neighborhood, and don’t let the cat play with this toy at night, so as not to cause complaints from the neighbors.

The second type: funny cat stick

If you want to communicate happily with your cat, the best way is to play with your cat for a while. Because this toy requires the participation of the owner, it exercises both the cat and the owner. The small bells and bells on the cat stick can be said to be a weapon to please the cat. No matter how tall the cat is, it is uncomfortable for a cat to persist in temptation.

The third type: laser pointer

If you do a big survey on the most popular toys for cats, it is estimated that 80 to 90% of people will choose laser pointers first. Because most cats cannot resist the temptation of laser pointers. If you want to appreciate your cat’s vigorous or wonderful posture, you must always have a laser pointer in your pocket.

The fourth category: electric mice, etc.

This kind of electric toy can imitate the movement and vocalization of a little mouse, and it is a kind of small toy that is very attractive to cats. The price of this toy is generally around US$10, and there are electric mice or snakes. If you don’t have time to accompany your cat to play with a funny cat stick or laser pointer, it is the most suitable toy for your cat.

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