Feeding requirements for ragdoll cats

For ragdoll kittens, breast milk is of course the best source of food, but if for some reason (such as the mother cat’s inability to breastfeed, insufficient milk, etc.), the owner must find a way to find an alternative Product. There are milk powders produced specifically for cats on the market, and owners can buy quality and safe milk powder to feed the kittens. Gradually give cat food when the cat is old enough to be weaned.

Cat food is divided into adult cat food and kitten food, and the owner can purchase corresponding products for the cat according to the age of the ragdoll cat. Many owners worry that just letting cats eat cat food will not get them enough nutrition. This idea is wrong. If only cat food is fed to cats, they will not suffer from malnutrition, because the nutrition of cat food can fully meet the needs of cats, and the owner can rest assured to feed the cat. If you think it’s too unpleasant for cats to eat cat food, then you can also prepare some snacks for cats, but the supply of snacks must be controlled well, otherwise, cats will become picky eaters. And if the cat eats too many snacks, it will easily become a “fat cat”, which will lead to urinary system diseases and hyperglycemia.

Feeding requirements for ragdoll cats

For owners who make homemade food for ragdoll cats, you must understand what nutrients your cat needs. Supplements of these nutrients must be in place, and none of them are indispensable. In particular, the lack of certain trace elements makes it impossible to see what is abnormal in the cat in the short term. However, when the cat has obvious symptoms, some of the physical damage cannot be recovered, which is extremely harmful to the cat. In addition, how to add seasonings has always been a problem that many cat lovers cannot grasp. If you are not sure how to add seasonings, you may wish to consult a veterinarian or related experts. Do not use your feelings to season your homemade cat food.

The owner should also pay attention to the choice of ingredients. For example, the animal liver has always been the focus of debate between cat friends and experts. Some people do not recommend feeding cats, while some people say that the liver is high in nutrients. As long as it is fed in moderation, it will not bring any danger to cats. For such controversial ingredients, the owner must be careful when choosing them.

Food taboos for ragdoll cats

Onions, milk, chocolate, certain fruits (such as grapes and raisins, cherries, persimmons, etc.), irritating foods (such as peppers, etc.), foods with high salt content (such as salted fish, etc.) must not be eaten by ragdoll cats Yes, once the cat is fed these foods, any situation may happen. The owner must first confirm whether this food will hurt the cat before feeding any kind of food to the cat.

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