The things you don’t know about the care of ragdolls

After we knew what is a ragdoll cat.Generally speaking, raising ragdoll cats does not consume too much time and energy. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Like all cats,ragdoll cats will do a good job of hygiene, and the owner does not need to worry about their personal hygiene;

2. Ragdoll cats are very caring and smart. They will not keep pestering their owner just because they want to be with their owner. With a little training, they can master many skills necessary for life;

3. The meow sound of the doll is extremely soft, and it will remain quiet in most cases with zero noise pollution.

Although the ragdoll cat itself is very cute and carefree, we must also do the necessary daily maintenance for it. Pay attention to the following points in daily life:

ragdoo cats

First, it’s important to comb your hair every day

Even if you need to take care of the ragdoll cat too much, it does not mean that you can ignore the cat. Ragdoll cats are long-haired cats, so daily grooming is essential. During the grooming process, the owner can not only check the cat for parasites, wounds, etc., but also stimulate the cat’s blood circulation, help the cat keep the hair and even the body healthy, in addition, can also comb the cat’s hair. Ragdoll cat hair can effectively reduce cat hair flying in the home.

2. Clean the litter box every day

No matter what kind of cat, they are very afraid that the litter box will not be cleaned in time. If the owner cannot clean the litter box in time, the cat may protest against you and not poop in the litter box.

Three, prepare a scraper for the cat

The good temper of ragdoll cats does not prevent them from grinding their claws. If you believe in the gentleness of the ragdoll cat too much, then one day when you come home, you will find that the sofa or furniture at home is scratched and scarred. .As long as the cat wants to sharpen its claws, the owner must buy a scratcher before taking the cat home. With such a sharpening tool, the cat will not turn its attention to the furniture.

ragdoll cats

Four, do not grow pine

Ragdoll cats are only suitable for living indoors. If you put them outdoors, they are easily harmed by other animals. Although the outside world is beautiful, it is also full of dangers. Parasites can endanger the health of ragdoll cats.

Five, interact with cats more

Ragdoll cats are more clingy cats. They like their owners to interact with them. As long as they have time, they should accompany them as much as possible. Otherwise, they may become depressed because they do not get the attention of their owners for a long time.

The above is the things you don’t know about the care of ragdolls. The Traits of ragdoll cats are destined to be likable, what do you think?

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