The pros and cons of Pomeranian you don’t know

A Pomeranian is a beautiful dog by nature, but even a beautiful dog will have defects. So do you know the pros and cons of Pomeranians?

Advantages of Pomeranian:

  1. Hiromi is small and cute, with a small appetite, and is very friendly to people of all ages.

   2. Nobody odor, less hair loss, and less space for movement.

   3. Safe, but proper guidance.

   4. Healthy, but should not be placed in a high place to avoid injury.

   5. The feeding cost is low.

Pros and cons of pomeranians

   Pomeranian defects:

   Any deviation from the above points is regarded as a defect, and its degree of defect is strictly proportional to its level and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.

   Serious defects of Pomeranian: physical defects.

   1. The head is too flat; the obvious apple shape.

  2, flesh-colored nose, eyelids, and lips.

  3, fluffy wolfhounds/Keeshonds, large foxes, and medium-sized foxes are missing teeth.

   4. Defects in sports.

   5. In the dark gray fox, the face lacks characteristic spots.

   6. Eliminate defects.

  7, aggressive or too shy.

   8. The fontanelle is incomplete.

   9, inferior or superior occlusion.

   10. Eyelid inversion or eversion.

   11. The ears are half erect.

   12. Except for the white fox, there are obvious white spots.

   13. Any dog ​​with obvious physical or behavioral abnormalities shall be disqualified.

  14. Bomei is too small; the bones are very fragile; it is easy to cause fractures.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of Pomeranian, for more Pomeranian knowledge, please read the following article:

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