Pet First Aid:What to do if the dog has heat stroke

Recently, the temperature has continued to rise, and the highest temperature has reached 37 degrees. When I go out at noon, it is almost hot enough to melt, and I feel like I have to be roasted. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and people can’t bear the torment of the scorching heat. Dogs with long hairs and no sweat glands are even more sad. In fact, dogs, like us humans, are exposed to the hot sun from sunburn to severe heat stroke and shock. Research data shows that the death rate of heatstroke in dogs can reach more than 50%.

Pet First Aid:What to do if the dog has heat stroke

Heatstroke symptomsGenerally speaking, the dog’s normal body temperature should be kept at 37.8~39℃. When the body temperature reaches 40°C, internal organs begin to be damaged; when the body temperature reaches above 41°C, it is directly life-threatening. In a hot, sultry or humid environment, the dog may die from organ failure in the fastest 20 minutes. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that heatstroke is a dog killer in hot weather. Many careless owners do not realize this. Taking their dogs out on the hottest hot days in this history can easily lead to heat stroke.

Pet First Aid:What to do if the dog has heat stroke

Safety first aid after heatstrokeWhen Mao’s child has mild heatstroke symptoms, feces shovel officers can use the following first aid measures to help Mao’s child cool down and relieve the heat:1. Quickly take the hairy child away from the high temperature environment, move to a cool place to blow a fan or turn on the air conditioner to cool down. If it is in a closed room, it must be ventilated and cool.2. Sprinkle cold water on the dog, or soak it in water, hold its head with your hands, and keep the neck above the water surface to avoid choking. At the same time, gently massage its whole body to help achieve the effect of cooling, and the body temperature can be stopped when the temperature drops to about 39 degrees Celsius.PS: You can also wipe the paw pads with alcohol to open the pores of the feet and increase the amount of perspiration. However, it must be noted that the body temperature cannot be lowered too low all at once. You can use a thermometer to control the cooling progress.

Pet First Aid:What to do if the dog has heat stroke

3. After the body temperature drops, quickly dry the whole body with a towel to prevent the body temperature from dropping too fast. Be careful not to use a hair dryer, so as not to cause the body temperature to rise again due to hot wind, or to catch a cold due to cold wind.4. After the first aid treatment is completed, send Mao’s child to the hospital quickly, keep the car cool on the way, and pay attention to Mao’s mental condition and body temperature changes at any time. Before arriving at the hospital, communicate with the doctor about Mao’s symptoms in time so that the doctor can quickly judge the treatment.

Warm reminder, summer is the season of high incidence of heatstroke, and shit shovel officers must do their homework to prevent heatstroke in order to avoid situations that are difficult to save.

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