How To Train Your Pet Dog To Shit

Many dogs have the bad habit of urinating and defecation when they arrive at a new home or new environment. This makes many people feel headaches, but please rest assured that these bad habits can be changed. We can follow the steps below to train:

Train Pet Dog To Shit
  1. Defecation at home

When still a puppy, the dog can’t hold back, but it can be trained to defecate at certain points.

  1. Rewards

When the puppies first came here, as long as they want to defecate, they will defecate wherever they are pleasing to the eye.

At this time, you have to glue a little dog poop with newspaper and put it in the place where you want the dog to defecate, such as in the bathroom.

Clean the dog’s poop, remove it with a deodorant, and then take it out.

Prevent the dog from coming back next time.

Dogs can’t hold back their bowels when they are young.

Just after feeding water or food, always pay attention to observe the dog, and find that it sniffs everywhere and turns in circles, so you should hurry up and put it on the newspaper with its urine and defecation, and let it defecate. .

Then wait for it to finish and give a small snack as a reward.

Such dogs defecate in the newspaper = snacks.

If the dog can go to a fixed place to defecate by himself, in addition to rewarding snacks, he must also show joy to it, so that it can clearly feel it, and the owner is very happy to defecate here!

  1. Penalties

With rewards, there must be punitive measures.

Don’t yell or scold the dog often in daily life.

After the dog has finished defecation in the house, the dog gets the stolen goods, and then don’t let it go, just stay on the spot, point to its poop, and reprimand it.

Let it understand that not defecate in a fixed place, not only without snacks, but also scolded!

Note: Don’t scold the dog while he has a bowel movement. Be sure to wait until the dog finishes his bowel movement. Otherwise, you will be scared back. Next time the dog will carry you around and poop, then you will be annoying.

And don’t pick up and scold the dog after he has gone. The dog will be confused and wonder why he was scolded.

  1. Hold urine training

In this way, the combination of rewards and punishments lasts a long time, and the dog will find his owner to go to a fixed place to defecate whenever he wants to.

At this time, you can consciously cultivate the dog to hold back urine.

Because the dog has developed the habit of defecation in a fixed place, it will be inconvenient in other places!

Dogs can hold back urine for a period of time + 1, such as 3 months, can hold back 3 + 1 = 4 hours.

Remember that when the dog had a bowel movement last time, as long as it was almost time for it to defecate, when it had the intention to defecate, let it perform a fixed defecation.

Over time, the dog will wait for the owner when he wants it.

Note: Don’t let the dog hold it for too long. One is bad for your health, and the other is convenient if you can’t hold it, it will look pleasing to the eye.

Second, hold back your urine and go out to defecate

Dogs can suppress a small amount of urine within 6 months.

This general vaccine is also finished, and the puppy becomes infected when he goes out. You can take the puppy out for a walk.

I remember the last time the dog had a bowel movement, it felt good, so take the dog out for a walk. When you go out, you can bring a newspaper, pee and snacks.

Once the dog is found to have the intention to defecate, immediately put down the book, then defecate, and reward snacks after flushing.

After a long period of training, dogs often cannot defecate during the day, so they must go out.So,train dog to pee or to shit it’s so easy.

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