How to train the ragdoll cat? The ragdoll cat training method is revealed

The ragdoll cat’s characteristic is that when the owner touches it, the body will be particularly relaxed, just like a ragdoll, very tolerant of children’s play, and it is an ideal family pet. The ragdoll cat has a very good temper and likes to be with the owner. As long as the owner interacts with them more and chooses the correct training method, the ragdoll cat is still well trained. How to train the ragdoll cat? The training method of the ragdoll cat is revealed.

How to train the ragdoll cat

1. Character training

Fight against the tyrant

Some pet friends cherish cats, love cats, and are reluctant to scold the ragdoll cat. This will only encourage the domineering of the ragdoll cat and make it even more arrogant. If the owner does not stand up and stop with a strong attitude, other pets may suffer and be bullied by the ragdoll cat. And if two pets happen to be of this type, they might “fight”. When the ragdoll cat behaves arrogantly, peeing, and scratching things, the owner must be tough and reprimand the ragdoll cat, but not excessive, so that the ragdoll cat will be obedient and not overstep your head.

How to train the ragdoll cat

Overcome strength with softness

If the ragdoll cat urinates indiscriminately, it must be cleaned up with disinfectant in time to eliminate the smell. In the case where the former’s tactics of fighting against the hegemony by force failed, they had no choice but to overcome the rigidity with softness. Try to show equal love for pets, and capture the hearts of ragdoll cats by giving some sweet things to them.

How to train the ragdoll cat?

2. Diet training

1) Forced refers to the use of mechanical stimuli and threatening commands to make the ragdoll cat accurately make corresponding actions. For example, when training a ragdoll cat to do the action of lying down, the trainer presses down the ragdoll cat by hand while giving out the “lie down” command to force the cat to lie down. After repeating this a few times, the ragdoll cat can quickly Form a conditioned reflex to lie down. When using this method with ragdoll cats, control the intensity of the stimulation, because ragdoll cats often feel self-righteous and eat soft but not hard.

2) Induction refers to the use of food, objects, or the actions of the trainer to induce the ragdoll cat to make a certain action. It is better to use the induction training method to train the ragdoll cat and the kitten.

3) The reward is to strengthen the correct actions of the ragdoll cat, consolidate the formed conditioned reflex or adjust the state of the ragdoll cat’s neural activity. The methods of reward include food, praise, and petting.

4) Including scolding, intimidation, beating, etc. Once the ragdoll cat is found to have a bad habit, it should be punished in time. To prevent the ragdoll cat from feeling scared or bored with training.

How to train the ragdoll cat?

3. Matters needing attention in ragdoll cat training:

1 Time: Ragdolls are more obedient when they are hungry, so they should be trained before feeding. Each time should not belong, just 10 minutes.

2 Speed: Generally only one movement can be taught, and several pieces of training must not be carried out at the same time, which will cause the ragdoll cat’s boredom and bring difficulties to future training.

3 Method: It is necessary to organically combine various training methods of ragdoll cats. The attitude should not be strong, and it should be hard and soft, and be lenient.

4Password: The password must be concise, with certain gestures and expressions. The complex password confuses the ragdoll cat and increases the difficulty of training.

The above introduces how to train ragdoll cats. We should also gain the trust of cats first, and train them when they are very relaxed, the effect will be better.

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