How to take care of a pregnant cat

How to take care of a pregnant cat? Spring is blooming. Spring is the season for cats and cats to estrus and they mate. If the cat owner in the family becomes pregnant during this season, how should we take care of it? 1. The earliest appearance of pregnancy symptoms of cats is The color of the nipple changes from light pink to dark pink, and due to the milk

How to take care of a pregnant cat ?

1. Pregnancy test

The first appearance of pregnancy symptoms in cats is that the color of the nipples changes from light pink to dark pink, and the hair around the nipples will fall off, making the nipples particularly prominent. These symptoms should appear within 3 weeks after mating. If necessary, you can also take an ultrasound to see the fetus within 2 to 3 weeks; you can take an X-ray to check the number of fetuses after 5 and a half weeks of pregnancy.

2. Nursing
The gestation period of cats is about 63 to 66 days, but some will last until 71 days. If the baby is born prematurely, most of them are stillborn or die shortly after giving birth. Pregnant female cats will need more protein and calories, but if you are fed high-quality food with balanced nutrition, you do not need to change the quality of the food during the first 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy.

3. Nutrition
High-quality protein, such as milk products, eggs and meat, can be added to dry feed (approximately 10%) to increase the protein content and taste of the food without destroying the nutritional balance. The milk formula for kittens can also be given to pregnant female cats and breastfeeding female cats. The amount of feeding should gradually increase as the pregnancy lengthens. At the end of pregnancy, the mother cat should eat twice the amount before pregnancy. However, due to the growth of the fetus and the pressure on the surrounding organs, it is impossible for the mother cat to eat in two meals. Eat the required portion, so you must increase the number of feedings, or leave the food outside to eat freely with the female cat.  

Pregnancy of a pet cat is a very laborious process. Moreover, many pure pet cats are bred with dystocia. Therefore, if you bred a pet cat, you must make preparations in advance and contact the nearby neighbors before giving birth. In the hospital, if a dystocia occurs, seek medical attention in time.

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