How to take care of a cat for the first time

How to take care of a cat for the first time?The first time we raise a cat, we will inevitably be overwhelmed. Looking at the cute cat, it is like a naughty child acting like a baby to you.

In fact, there are skills in raising cats, but don’t worry, as long as you master the following points, cats will stay healthy.

Tip 1: First create a safe and comfortable place for your kitten.

How to take care of a cat for the first time

And buy it a potty, as well as food trays and so on. At the same time to ensure that there will be no security threats.

Tip 2: Feed your cat on time

How to take care of a cat for the first time

Do not change the feeding time suddenly or frequently. If you want the cat to love you more, don’t change the cat’s usual food. Cat food can be dry food, Canned food can also be a combination of food and canned food.

It is recommended to feed the cat no more than twice a day. You can also fill the tray with cat food and add it once a day. But be careful, don’t keep cats too fat Being fat is not good for cats’ health.

Don’t ignore the needs of your cat! If you leave the house, make sure your cat has enough food and water. If you leave for a long time, please make sure

Keep someone to take care of your cat. Although cats are quite independent animals, they require human attention and regular care.

Tip 3: Keep it clean

How to take care of a cat for the first time

Cats like to clean. If your cat’s potty is dirty, it will look for another place that can meet its natural needs. Clean with soap and water regularly

Wash the pet’s potty. If you want to use a new type of cat litter, first mix the old filler with the new one, and gradually replace it with a new one.

Bathe your cat frequently to prevent it from getting sick. It is also necessary for you to come into contact with your cat. Sort out and clean up the cat hair that has fallen off. Brush lightly Your cat, avoid sudden movements. Treat it gently.

Tip 4: Play with your cat often

How to take care of a cat for the first time

Try to use toys attached to the rope. Move the toy to the front of the cat so she will understand how to catch it. She would think this is a

A rodent or a bird. Simulate the movements of these animals. Your cat will grab the toy. But you have to be careful not to hurt your hand with the cat.

When petting your cat, stop if he doesn’t like it. The cat may stop purring or looking at you as if telling you she doesn’t want You touch her again.

The above are the precautions and tips for raising a cat for the first time, and I need to help you.

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