How to stop Labrador barking?

Labrador is not a barking dog, but barking is its instinct. Barking is a way for dogs to communicate with each other. In the middle of the night, one can often hear barking. , The dogs in the whole area were barking like a discussion meeting, which was extremely troublesome. Then how can we stop Labrador from barking?

How to stop Labrador barking?

How to stop Labrador barking?

Labrador calls it because it wants to express something to you, such as a stranger approaching, danger ahead, etc. There is also barking for unknown reasons. When a Labrador is barking, don’t run over and reprimand him. This will make him think that as long as he barks, the owner will come over. This is counterproductive. You can yell at the Labrador when it barks, shoot it in the face with a water gun, and shout “No barking” in the mouth, and slowly the dog will form a conditioned reflex, knowing that it’s wrong to bark. If the dog can stop barking after hearing your command, you can give it a little bit of delicious reward.

The Labrador’s barking habit should be corrected from an early age. When it is young, if it barks, it can be rolled up with newspaper and beat its ass to let it correct its barking habit.

When the Labrador barks, the owner should stand up in time to stop it, and you can speak loudly to Labrador to make it understand that the barking behavior makes you very angry. After Labrador stops barking, you can give Labrador some encouragement and praise, and then slowly correct Labrador’s barking behavior.

If the Labrador does not bark at will, the owner must not be overly pampering during the breeding process. Can not develop its spoiled and arrogant personality, let Labrador learn to be independent and strong. The owner should take time to communicate with the Labrador, so that it has a healthy and cheerful personality, and a strong mentality, so as to avoid its crazy barking due to loneliness in life.

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