How to groom a british shorthair cat

How to groom a British shorthair cat? Whether it is in normal times or during the molting period, it is necessary to groom the cat. There is a certain difference between the way of grooming a long-haired cat and a short-haired cat. Let’s take a look at the British short-haired cat. Cat grooming method!

Although most cats are very picky about those who groom themselves, they do need a little help from their owners to keep them in top condition. Cats of different breeds have significantly different body hair textures and lengths. Long-haired cats require 10-15 minutes of grooming a day. Otherwise, long hair will turn into hairballs, and it will cost the veterinarian a lot of money. Shorthair cats have the least need for grooming.

How to groom a british shorthair cat

Equipment: There are many grooming tools on the market, such as long-tooth combs and short-tooth combs, especially for curved-tooth combs and flea combs for long-haired cats. No matter which combs you choose, make sure that the tooth ends are round and blunt. A sharp-toothed comb will scratch the skin of a kitten. There are various types and sizes of natural and artificial brushes. Using an artificial brush will produce static electricity. After a few brushings, you will know where the cat likes to comb first, and which brush is willing to use to comb different parts.

Let the kitten get used to grooming as soon as possible. If its paws have been recently trimmed, allow the cat to sniff the grooming equipment so that it will be scared when used. Its sense of smell transmits these scents and reduces resistance.

Carefully choose where to comb the hair and keep it the same. If you change the grooming place frequently, it will confuse the cat.

How to groom a british shorthair cat

When grooming British shorthair cats, you must not only comb in the direction of hair growth but also go against the direction of hair growth. When grooming a British shorthair cat, the owner can first wet the hair of the British shorthair cat with a small amount of water and then rub it with a kiss to make the cat’s body coat tree up, which will be more convenient for the owner. Comb the hair. If the British shorthair cat’s coat is tangled or stuck together, you can use your fingertips to open it, and then use a thin-toothed comb to gently and carefully comb. If the British shorthair cat’s hair is difficult to comb, the owner can use scissors to follow the direction of hair growth, cut the felt into thin strips, and then comb it with a comb.

It is best for the owner to groom the British shorthair cat once a day for 10-15 minutes each time. British shorthair cats may shed their hair especially in spring and autumn, so the owner needs to take better care of the hair of British shorthair cats. At the same time, British shorthair cats have the habit of grooming their hair and swallowing the hair into the stomach. For this reason, the owner should also induce vomiting for British shorthair cats regularly to ensure the cat’s gastrointestinal health.

When combing, use a soft voice to comfort it and make it comfortable with any stimuli in the experience. After a period of time, it will gradually relax and enjoy the caressing massage-like combing quietly.

Don’t pull the cat’s hair, especially the long-haired cat. If it hurts, it will meow loudly and try to catch you or escape. If you want to have further training at this time, you will definitely not get good results.


Every time after grooming, you need to reward the cat with food, a lot of praise, and small games.

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