How to discipline a corgi puppy?

If a Corgi is not trained when it is young, it will appear timid and even attack the dog. How do we train it? Follow the methods and steps below to train an obedient Corgi.

How to discipline a corgi puppy?


  1. Method
    It must be trained according to the characteristics of the Corgi. There are many training methods for the Corgi, such as induction and prohibition of rewards.
  2. Patience
    Training a dog is a matter of patience. If command and movement training are not very good for a long time, then we must find out what is causing it.
  3. Understand the character of a dog
    Each dog’s personality is different, so we have to communicate and communicate with it based on the dog’s personality and temperament.
  4. Training and induction

The curiosity of a dog is very heavy, we can usually use some toys or food to lure it so that we can effectively train it.

How to discipline a corgi puppy?
  1. Appropriate rewards

Rewarding it is a very good way. We can take some measures during training. If his movements are completed to a very standard, we can give it delicious.

  1. Don’t punish

Dogs are also emotional, and they will feel very tired during training. Don’t hit them or punish them at this time. This will create a sense of fear and should be dealt with appropriately.

  1. Be kind to the dog

Treat the dog sincerely, as long as you treat it seriously and care, and make friends with it, it will obey your command. If you treat it badly, it will not listen to you.

Note that training methods should be adjusted according to different situations.

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