How does a dog know its owner?

As we all know, dogs are loyal friends of mankind. In this era when pets are popular, the number of people raising dogs has gradually increased. In the eyes of dog owners, dogs are docile in character and easy to feed. Key Dogs Compared with other animals, dogs are smarter and smarter, and can accurately and identify their owners.

However, many people are beginning to wonder. Although dogs are smart, dogs are animals after all. What does it rely on to identify its owner? Especially in this society, many people are very similar in appearance, how can dogs recognize their owners at once? Let’s listen to what the shoveling officer has to say, and see what the truth is like.

How does a dog know its owner?

The main function of a dog to know its owner is through smell, hearing, and memory. The dog does not know its owner by sight. The dog’s innate strong sense of smell and ear hearing memory can remember who is its owner.

The innately powerful sense of smell of dogs is dozens of times higher than that of humans. Among them, the olfactory cells of dogs are 60 times that of humans, and they can also recognize smells with a concentration of 100 million times lower. In other words, they are not only better than humans. There are many kinds of odors, and the range of odors perceived by others is wide.

How does a dog know its owner?

So you often see dogs on the road, smelling and sniffing, that is, using their noses to explore the world, discover the world, smell the fragrance to recognize people.

The second thing that allows the dog to distinguish the owner at once is hearing.

The structure of a dog’s ear is different from that of a human, and it can rotate and listen to signals like a small radar. In addition to distinguishing directions, dogs’ hearing is 16 times that of humans, and their hearing is super-strong, and their hearing range is about 400 times that of humans. You will find that when you are far away, the dog can still hear your voice and distinguish your voice.

Finally, there is the memory of the dog. Although the degree is different, each dog is equivalent to the intelligence of a child and has a certain memory for the sounds and familiar tastes that he often hears.

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