British shorthair cat morphological characteristics

The British Shorthair cat is a compact, well-proportioned and strong cat. It has a thick body, a full and broad chest, thick legs, short to medium length, round claws, a thick base of the tail, and a blunt tail tip. The head is round, the ears are wide apart, the cheeks are round, the chin is strong, the ears are of medium size, the big round eyes are wide open, and the nose is moderately wide. The coat is short and very dense. The gills of male cats are more developed than female cats, and in every respect, they are larger than female cats. It takes three to five years for this breed to fully mature. Cats should show overall symmetry and proportion, and should not overemphasize a certain feature, so as not to induce neglect or extreme tendencies in the breeding process.

British shorthair cat

Head: Round and thick and strong. The round face and skull are matched with a stubby neck. The forehead should be round and the top of the head slightly flat. There should be no slope on the forehead.
Nose: Medium length and wide. From the side, there is a slight depression.
Chin: strong, well-developed, and aligned with the nose and upper lip.
Snout: distinctive, well-developed, and there is a clear boundary around the big and round beard.
Ear: The position of the ear is very important. Medium size, wide at the base of the ear, and rounded at the tip of the ear. The two ears are located far apart and blend in the round outline of the head appropriately (unbiased).
Eyes: big, round, and wide open. The eyes are wide and flat.
Body: Medium to large body type. The structure is compact, strong, and powerful. The back is flat and has a broad chest.

British shorthair cats

Legs: Short to medium length, well-developed, and strong. Proportion to the body, with straight front legs.
Claws: round and strong. The number of toes is the first five and the last four.
Tail: Medium length and in proportion to the body. The root of the tail is thicker, and the tip of the tail is slightly thin and round.
Coat: short, dense, and nicely set off the body shape, with a texture to the touch. There is no double coat or fluff.
Color: Shaded tabby stripes appearing in pure, smoky, shaded, shaded golden, two-color, and tri-color kittens are not bad.

The above are the morphological characteristics of the various body parts of the British shorthair cat. How about it? Is it cute?

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