Best Cat Toys 2021

We all know that having a cute kitten at home is a very happy thing. Every time they come back from get off work, they will obediently wag their tails and stick to us, barking at you like a baby. But when we are not at home, they may feel lonely. At this time we need to prepare some fun and interesting toys for them to accompany. At least, they won’t look so boring.

The toys that cats prefer are: cat scratching board, cat climbing frame, funny cat stick, yarn ball, ground dragon, catnip, mouse toy, salted fish pillow, bouncing ball, spring mouse, etc., these are more common Cat toy.

cat toys

There are many types of cat toys, but different types of pets like different things. So try to find out more, here are some different simple toys:

1. Funny cat stick: Funny cat stick is your favorite toy. It is cheap, reliable and useful. It’s also very convenient to use, but it requires the owner to hold and tease the kitten personally, which is more expensive or not.

2. Cat: Cat scratching board is an indispensable toy for cats. Because the cat’s claws grow fast, cats need to grind the cat board frequently, which not only catches the entertainment function, but also protects the owner’s leather sofa. But the scratcher is not easy to fix.

3. Fuzzy: The annoying cat likes it very much, but likes it very much, but it is easy to dodge, and it is easy to roll into the corner when playing.

4. Cat climbing frame: Tmall cats like it very much, like climbing up and down, and cats can also lie on it to bask in the sun. However, the cat climbing frame is relatively high and the price is relatively high, so you need to buy it carefully.

5. Spring: The mouse and cat dangling in the spring can play by themselves, but some timid horse cats may be afraid.

6. Little mouse toy: Cats like it very much, but it is not very harmful. Some cats will not play.

7. Salted Fish Pillow: Larger cats can sleep on their backs, but they are less entertaining.

8. Catnip: Catnip can make cats more active and non-toxic. It can be used by cats appropriately.

9. Ground Dragon: It is more resistant to damage, but the cat loses interest after playing for a long time. The price is moderate.

10. Bouncy ball: Bouncy ball and wool ball have similar shortcomings, they are easy to get injured, and bouncy ball needs to be played with. The birth type of kittens is still more preferred.

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