Are British shorthair cats easy to keep?

Are British shorthair cats easy to keep?

The answer is yes, British shorthair cats are easy to raise. British shorthair cats are chubby, stubby, stubby, short and dense coat, round head and face, gentle and calm, friendly to people, and easy to keep. Their ability to adapt to the environment is much better than other breeds of cats.

British shorthair cats are bold and curious, but very gentle and adaptable. They will not change due to changes in the environment, will not lose their temper, let alone barking, and will only try to climb higher. Place, staring down at those big round eyes, looking down at you with a smile, as if

Just like the cat named “Louis” mentioned in “Alice in Wonderland”, without words, only the cute facial expressions grab your heart, and you can no longer change your love for it.

The care of a British shorthair cats will make you feel simple and amazing because these little guys are naturally beautiful, and the short north anchor never gets knotted. You only need to comb the whole body with a comb every day. If it is In the depilation period, the owner can comb several times a day.  

British shorthair cats

For British shorthair cats, cleaning is far more important than grooming, because their coat is dense and soft, and dust can easily be carried there. Although cats often use their thorny tongue to comb the coat, it cannot completely remove the bottom layer of dust, so bathing it at least 1-2 times a month can help them clean up the dirt well and clean the hair. , The cat is naturally happy.  

Here, I still need to remind the owner to pay attention to the hairball. The cat uses the tongue to clean itself, but at the same time, it will eat a lot of hair. Therefore, regularly eat a little hairball cream for to clean up the hair in the intestines in time. The ball also helps them to care for the stomach and intestines. Environment: The ancestors of British shorthair cats have left them with a fine tradition of hard work and hard work, which makes them stronger than ordinary cats. They can deal with unfamiliar environments without a trace of fear.  

Regarding diet:
All cats have a common feature, that is, the digestive function of the intestines and stomach is relatively weak. The British Shorthair is no exception. This is mainly reflected in the sudden change of rations. If the owner changes the food too suddenly, it will cause diarrhea, but there is no need to worry too much, as long as you adapt it to the new cat food slowly and reasonably, and don’t change it all at once, diarrhea will not be easy.

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