8 kinds of dog toys they love to play , any kind of toys can make it addictive

Dogs are crazy about things like terry cloth balls. Give them a bunch of cloth strips and they can bite for a whole day. Maybe dogs bite the cloth strips more in line with their nature. All kinds of teeth sticks are also toys that dogs like very much. They can grind their teeth without breaking. All kinds of toys that can make noise are also the dog’s favorite. Not only can they play with themselves, but the owner can also attract the dog’s attention with the sound toys. In fact, there are many dogs in life who like to play with dolls, and almost every dog ​​has its own doll toy.

I believe that after raising a dog, everyone will pet their dogs very much. When they see delicious and beautiful ones, they will buy them. I feel that my monthly salary is spent on the dogs. These kinds of toy dogs. I love to play, any kind can make it addictive. What toys have you bought for dogs?

  1. Ragdolls

After raising a dog, I always feel that the dog is too lonely, so I will try all kinds of ways to find a friend for it. The puppet doll is a good choice, not only can play, but also can be company.

But the ideal is very plump, but the reality is very skinny. It will be torn apart within a few days. If you buy a few, you will tear a few, and it will be fun!

  1. Tennis

For any dog ​​who likes to move toys, balls are their favorite, so I bought a bag of tennis balls online for the dog to play, and usually play the game with the dog.

But a few days later, you will find that the tennis ball has no elasticity after being bitten, and the dog doesn’t like it anymore. There is no choice but to replace it with a new one, and then it breaks again within a few days. It is really no way to go on like this!

  1. Basketball, football

Seeing children playing football in the open space, the dog running around, thinking that the dog also likes to play such a big ball, and it is not bad to bite. So I bought it to play with, and it can also increase the relationship between each other.

Dog Toys-Football,Basketball
  1. Screaming chicken

There was a time when the screaming chicken was very popular, and many children liked it very much, so they wanted to let the dogs accept new stimulation, and then arouse their curiosity and activity.

But after I bought it home, I pressed it in front of it and I was frightened, and then I didn’t dare to approach you when I saw you holding it in your hand. Although I got used to the cock, it also aroused its desire for revenge. After a while, the body was divided, not because of the screaming chicken, but because of the money in the pocket.

  1. Bite the rope

Dogs really love to bite when they see anything during their teeth grinding. Of course, they have to buy some wear-resistant ones, so they bought a bite rope, which is much better than a plush toy and is resistant to biting.

This rope biting toy is still very practical for dogs, but it is easy to get dirty, so pay attention to cleaning.

Dog toy, bite the rope
  1. Frisbee

Frisbee is also a very suitable toy for dogs, but not all dogs are suitable, for example, some small dogs are not suitable, it is best not to let them play such strenuous exercise, it is very easy to fracture.

Because my family raises Golden Retriever and Border Shepherd, the amount of exercise required is relatively large. Buying a Frisbee can not only train, but also consume their physical strength, so the Frisbee is very practical for large dogs.

7, bone toys

In order to grind the dog’s teeth, I thought of buying some bone-shaped chewing toys for the dog. After all, dogs are born to chew on bones, and they are easy to bite and manipulate.

But bone-shaped chew toys are not suitable for interactive play with pets. So I bought chicken jerky teething snacks, molars the dogs, and then cut a hole in the bottle and stuffed the chicken jerky in, so that the dog can eat and play, which is much better than bone toys.

  1. Spilled toy

If you have a dog that gets bored easily and is very greedy, you might want to consider leaking dog toys. These types of toys usually keep your pet busy eating the food inside.

Spilled toy

These types of toys are very suitable for training dogs to “solve problems” by themselves, and they feel quite practical, but when choosing dog food for dogs, it is best to choose some nutritious ones that can meet the nutritional needs of dogs.

My dog ​​likes to eat this “Non-Greasy Natural Dog Food”. Chicken, beef, and fish are selected as the main raw materials. These three kinds of meat are rich in meat, have strong palatability, and are low-salt formula. It alleviates the tears and hair loss of the dog, and I think it’s not bad.

Conclusion: What kind of dog toys have you bought for your dog?

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