10 Ways Cats Show Affection for You

More and more people start to like cats and keep them. Whether you are a senior cat slave or a novice in the cat world, you should keep up with the times and learn and advocate scientific cat raising.

Although cats can’t speak, they have many ways to show love. Have you ever noticed that you are eyeing you occasionally? If the cat has the following behaviors, it means that it is showing love to you. 

Below are 10 Ways Cats Show Affection for You.  

One way of showing love

The most common way to express a good impression is to circle you with your tail and rub you in a circle. This is to leave a familiar smell on you and make it feel more comfortable. Of course, this may also mean that you are recognized as its entourage.

Love your index: ★★

Two ways of showing love

Licking you, walking over silently, licking, like licking other cats, this shows trust and goodwill.

Love your index: ★★☆

Three ways of showing love

When you touch it, it will lick itself, which is “tasting” your scent. If you keep licking it, it tastes pretty good and you like it better. This smell is something we can’t smell but cats can detect.

Love your index: ★★★

Four ways of showing love

Lie on your knees between your legs. When the cat does this, it means that it must have a good feeling for you. The cat usually doesn’t jump on the knees of people it doesn’t like.

Love your index: ★★★☆

Five ways to show love

Accept “gifts” from cats, such as dead mice and dead fish. If you can’t accept them, please bear with them! Because it means that it has a good impression of you, or that it thinks you are its mother.

Love your index: ★★★☆

Six ways of showing love

The tail is erected, and the cat’s tail is erected to indicate a very strong affection. You will find that when a cat approaches a person or cat that it does not know, its tail hangs down.

Love your index: ★★★★

Seven ways of showing love

Roll your body, which means “play with me” and “seeking friends”. Cats will not play with people they don’t like.

Love your index: ★★★★

Eight ways of showing love

Put your arms up. If the cat puts its paw on your arm, don’t retract it, because it means “reiterate & emphasize” it has a good impression on you! Be sure to touch it immediately to show that you have understood its intentions!

Love your index: ★★★★☆

Way of Showing Love Nine

When the cat slowly bends his back and rubs your legs, he is saying to you: “I love you!”

Love your index: ★★★★★

Ten ways to show love

There was a gurgling noise. There are many reasons why a cat gurgling and screaming. If it screams like this while rubbing you, it means that it loves you. You can pick it up and stick it to your chest. The sound will become more and more obvious, indicating that it treats you. It’s true love!

Love you index: MAX

If your cat often treats you in the above way, it means that you have established a good relationship foundation!

The scent is the most critical element for cats to identify territory and collect information. (The cat’s odor glands are distributed in many places: such as the corners of the mouth, upper lip, soles of feet, base of the tail, perianal, etc.)

So sometimes they rub you, lick you, and circle you. In addition to showing love, they may also mark your body with their scent to mark you as “private property”, so sometimes don’t be too affectionate.

In fact, in the happy hours you share, the cat uses actions to express his gratitude and love to you all the time. As long as you are willing to spend more time to understand its behavior and understand the signals that the cat sends to you, there may be more Unexpected and pleasant discoveries.

There may be many cats in your life, but you are the only one in your life. So please cherish every performance of love.

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