10 reasons why are cats better than dogs

1. Why are cats better than dogs

We finally settled the old controversy: cats are the best pets than dogs. From their easy care, to their cleaning, to their cute antics, there is ample evidence that cats are actually quality pets.

2. Cats don’t take up much space

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If you have ever tried to share a bed with a golden retriever, or who are we kidding, or even a puppy, you know they take up a lot of space! In their size, they like to stretch into everyone’s private space, the space they need to play and exercise, and their things (such as dog beds or dog toys). Dogs need a solid space to live a kind of happiness. ,healthy life.

However, cats do not need much space to reproduce. As long as you can fit their necessities, such as litter boxes (each cat needs one box, plus one box!), food and water, you can almost guarantee that your kitten will be happy. Of course, this is not without the occasional burst of random energy.

3. Owning a cat is more economical

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In their lifetime, cats are generally more affordable than dogs. Isn’t it?

Purchasing specific breeds of cats can be expensive, but in general, the adoption fee for kittens and cats is lower than the adoption fee for puppies or dogs-especially during the kitten season, or when the shelter is flooded with kittens. Some shelters can even waive their fees or provide a two-to-one transaction for a pair of kittens.

Because dogs have a tendency to cough and destroy their toys, they must be made of tougher (and more expensive) materials. Cat toys are relatively cheap, even cheap DIY!

A lot of exercise is essential to a dog’s health-but when you have a full-time job, it can be difficult to walk two or three times a day. Considering that the average dog walker for a 20-minute walk costs US$15 to US$20, the fee can increase quickly. However, during your working day, the cat can be completely satisfied with laziness, naps and playing with toys. If you have a bonus for two kittens-they will entertain each other!

4. Cats can be satisfied indoors

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It is almost impossible for dogs to live only indoors-they need a lot of exercise, a lot of walking, and outdoor time to lead a happy, healthy life. However, if you don’t have a yard, access to a park, or limited space for activities, this can be a major challenge.

Not only are cats safer indoors, but they are happy to perch by the window or curled up in the sun on the sofa. Just open the windows to breathe in fresh air (but make sure the windows are not wide enough for Kitty to escape!) She has been watching birds and bugs all day.

5. Cats are quieter

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Even those who love dogs must admit: whether your dog is barking at a passerby, another animal, or just because her favorite toy is stuck under the sofa, constant barking will make people very difficult. Annoyed.

Although cats do make some noises, especially at night, when many cats are most active, their meowing and purring tend to be quiet. There is no doubt that meowing and purring are super cute, but what about the coolest part? After a while, you will begin to realize the true meaning of your meows; you will learn to distinguish between “I’m hungry” and “Hug me, human” meows.

6. Kittens need less work than puppies

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Both puppies and kittens require a lot of time, energy and attention. Between making them feel comfortable in their new home, introducing their new diet, and starting some initial training, you may not get enough sleep with your new puppy or kitten in the first few weeks. 

Puppies need continuous training (especially for potty training), but once kittens are weaned from their mothers and learn the basics of using litter boxes, they can be left unsupervised during the day. Want to be safer? Put your kitten in a room and she will not turn into a prank when you leave. It will allow her to quarrel in a safe space, and because of her small size, she will not cause much harm (if any) by being contained. 

7. Cats can repel pests

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Does your cat like to track bugs? Or try to play moving images on TV? Cats are natural hunters, so tracking, hunting and raiding prey is their DNA, even on TV screens.

Although you should never let your cat eat the insects or mice he catches, a pest-free home is just one of the many benefits of having a kitten. More importantly, the smell of your cat can keep rodents away from your house! If rodents find hunters at home, they are unlikely to hide.

8. Clean the trash can easily and effortlessly

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Although it may be a little strange for your cat to pee and defecate in a well-arranged box at home, it is much easier to clean the litter box than to walk in the freezing snow late at night, in the hot summer.

Cats are naturally very clean animals-one of their instincts is to bury their pee and feces. why? To avoid predators, such as cats, use their sense of smell to find prey. Although domestic cats are not necessarily hunted by predators, we humans can benefit from tidy, clean and completely covered garbage.

In addition, if you have ever picked up shit with a plastic bag on your hand, you know it will get old quickly.

9. The cat cleans itself

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Dogs like things that smell bad-from garbage to dead animals to feces-they really like to go around inside. Therefore, dogs need to be bathed and groomed regularly. If you take your dog to groom, it will be very expensive.

Cats are basically automatic washing machines. You may want to use a brush to groom her every once in a while, and then be sure to trim her nails as needed, otherwise, the cat will keep herself clean.

10. Cats understand personal space

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Sometimes, after a long and stressful day at work, the last thing you want to see is a drooling and agitated guy licking your face when you enter the door. If you have ever raised a dog, you know this happens every day.

Although cats may be badly criticized for indifference or alienation, they truly understand (and appreciate) the concept of personal space! Cats do not need your constant attention and energy-this will give you many opportunities to enjoy a glass of wine on the sofa after a long week of work.

11. Cats are worshipped as gods

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